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All great stories have to start somewhere...

There is a growing Cafe Racer and Custom Bike scene in the Middle East that has evolved rapidly over the last couple of years. Cost savings on fuel, a population made up of individuals from all over the world and next-to-nothing import duties has resulted in some of the most unique and awe-striking creations on our roads.


As the number of these retro machines are expanding in the region, Cafe Racers Middle East (C.R.M.E) are doing their part to help encourage this trend and to raise global awareness of our niche community.

Del (who also founded the AOM  show) launched Cafe Racers Middle East in July 2013 as a way of giving people in the region a base, a forum to share ideas, ask about parts and share their bikes and experiences. In addition we wanted to also show the international biker community what we could do.

Cafe Racers Middle East have always been supportive of the local builders, garages, regional bike mags, competitions and bloggers whom help us build our culture and community. 


Cafe Racers Middle East have been fortunate enough to make contacts with groups such as;

Karachi Cafe Racers, Indonesia Cafe racers, Beirut Cafe Racers, London Cafe and Customs, Saudi Cafe Racers, Jordan Cafe Racers, Japan Cafe Racers, Sydney Cafe Racers and the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

It is imperative to establish a community of like-minded individuals who love these timeless machines and to give them a forum to share their creativity, experiences and inspiration.

Gone are the days of struggling to get parts, help and part advice!

If you own or admire these beautiful bikes and want to connect with fellow riders, head over and join this online community.

C.R.M.E partake in:

  • Organising Events and Rides

  • Publish Bike Submissions

  • Provide Bikes and Parts

  • Assist on Build Advice and Parts Sourcing

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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