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Updated: Feb 27, 2020


Jet Bailey (AKA Stoke and Bear Art) was born out of a huge passion for painting and a love of all things motorcycle and retro related. Stoke and Bear’s current body of work celebrates the determined and focused community of women in the motorcycle industry, as well as embracing the freedom and movements of machines. Her work also focuses on women reclaiming their space in the motorcycle culture, by creating large scale paintings that dominate interior spaces and envelop the viewer.

Instagram: @stokeandbear


A mental health counselor by profession, lifelong artist Douglas Thompson is based in Connecticut, USA.  Inspired by children's books and the childlike thrill of motorcycling in equal measure, his artwork is often a reaction to the seriousness of his profession.  Douglas creates his images first in ink and watercolors, prior to applying finishing touches digitally to create the final artwork.  His work has been shown internationally, at venues including the Oil and Ink Expo, Cafe Racer Festival (Monthlery), Tour de Chauffe (Paris), Motorcycles+Art IV (Baltimore, MD), 73 Vintage Moto Art (Mexico City), MotoBay (San Francisco, CA), The Prestige (New York), The One Show (Portland, OR), the Moto Art Show (Bombay, India), and Art of Motorcycles (Dubai, UAE).

Instagram: @tempusdeficit


Quezon City born and raised, Ella Elenzano-Orencillo is a multi-disciplinary Filipina Artist currently based in Dubai. Growing up in an artistically inclined family her earliest recollection of doing arts was scribbling on their old humble house' wall with crayons. She began working as an Airbrush Artist for AirArt Asia during the late 90's until early 2000's working mainly on customized shirts as well as car and wall murals.  A self taught painter without any formal training in arts, she continues to explore different mediums to widen her knowledge and improve her skills. Her works display feminism meets pop-surrealism spitting highly vivid colors which is often an interpretation from a dream [recurring or not]. Some of her notable works are the customised MEGA by Foo-Dog vinyl toy as featured on TimeOut Dubai and The Olympic Mural for the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Instagram: @craftologybyella


Red Legacy is a creative designer and Illustrator who specializes in Branding & Identity. Her interests are product & environmental design, creative make up & art, and projects that support natural environment, culture and tech that enhances clean living.

Instagram :@redheartsart


MYRTO is an illustrator and character designer originally from Cyprus and currently residing in Dubai. She has been experimenting with character design and illustration for many years, with various media such as clay and plasticine, pencil, ink, markers, pen, paints and digital software to experiment with various styles and aesthetics. Her current style is inspired by the lowbrow Kustom Kulture movement of the 1950s and 1960s, the dramatic shadows and shading of the comic noir genre, the playful environments of arcade style video games and the quirky exaggerated forms of 90s cartoons.

Instagram: @myrtopetrou


Guy Salazar Art is a custom culture/lowbrow artist based out of southern California. Painting everything from show bikes to rusty tools. He has a unique style specializing in two-dimensional illustrated visual art.

Instagram : @guy_salazar


Salvador Colin was born in 1977 in Mexico City. He studied at the School of Artistic Initiation of the INBA, bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in the FAD, UNAM, and the International Master of Contemporary Photography in EFTI, Spain. He has participated in several individual and collective, national and international exhibitions, his work takes place in various areas such as photography, graphics, painting, video and design.

Instagram : @salvadorcolinm


Tauseef is an illustration artist based in India. His work is focused towards exploring the beauty of his subjects through a mix of impressionism and realism. The idea that we are instantly drawn towards an artwork inspired by even the most mundane and lifeless things fascinates him. Most of his subjects are inanimate objects and scenes related to automotive, architecture and urban landscape. He specialzies in watercolor, pen, pencil and digital media to create his art.

Instagram :


Based in the Ukraine. Having been an Artis since her childhood, Yamasha “Masha” can remember doing various forms of art as early as 3 years old. Many years later it is easy to see that she is leaving her mark in the automotive world.

Instagram:  @_yamasha


Dubai based graffiti artist began his career in 2005.  He also specializes in graphic design and painting.

Instagram : @artmezk GEDE MADE BAYU INDRAPANA

Renowned Indonesian Artist famous for his amazing and unique illistrations.

Instagram: @bayuindrapana

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